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What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft office is a group of office applications. Each application have a unique purpose and each applications offers a specific services to the users. Microsoft office is a suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. For example, Microsoft Word is used to create documents, Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create presentations, and Microsoft Outlook is used to manage email and calendars, and others applications is used to according their features.

This suite of applications are available for students, home and small business users, and large corporations. There is also a suite for schools. Each of suites is priced based on how much suites included in it.

Microsoft office Features

Get started with office applications, know latest features

Its suite which updates every time

With Office subscription, you get latest version update to resolve your issues,

Its on cloud

Access your work from any where and and time from cloud

Made for all devices

Access office application from any computer device, you feel same experiance to work on your data

Request for new version

Looking for new version, get if from