Microsoft Office Setup, Latest version Office 2019 has arrived with more features and functionality. With the same method you can install Microsoft office 2019 from or activate your Office 365 susbcription. You should have Microsoft Account and Valid Product Key which can be bought online or from retail store.

How to Download Microsoft Office Setup?

User can Download Microsoft Office Setup in 2 ways which are mentoioned below:

Download Microsoft Office Setup from

  • Go to and Sign in with your Microsoft Account, if you do not have an account Create a new one
  • Enter your 25 digit office setup Product Key
  • Choose Country and language for Billing and submit. Click to On Redeem.Now to can download your Office Setup

Download Microsoft Office Setup using CD/DVD

Insert CD/DVD in your computer drive,received in Micrsoft Office Box, Right Click on CD drive icon and select explore option. There will be installer file. Copy and paste in your computer device.

Where to find Microsoft Office Setup Product Key?

While purchasing Office from online, it will be deilvered on your registed mail id and if you purchased Microsoft Office from retail shop then its at back side of your Office CD/DVD. it look like : XX6XX-XXXX6-6XXXX-X6XXX-XXX6X

How to Install Micrsoft Office Setup?

If you have already entered office setup product key, then you can install it directly.

  • Go to and Click on Install from Microsoft Account
  • Sign in with your microsoft account
  • Click on Install, depending on your browser select Run (in Edge or Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox).
  • Installer will be downloded, Double Click on installer. Follow onscreen instruction to complete the installation

How to Activate Microsoft Office Setup?

  • Click on Start Menu of your device
  • Open any Microsoft application, such as Word, Excel etc
  • It will ask to Activate product using Product Key
  • Enter Office Product Key and its done.

Facing Issues With

General process of Office Setup is already mentioned above, however from the starting till the last process of activating you may be face some technical issues. Here is some issues with troubleshooting steps it can helps you to solve your issues.

  • Firstly, Check your internet is working when you are trying to install Office. You can check it by opening your suitable browser and going to If the page loads properly, your internet connection is working.
  • Reset your credentials:
  • Open Spotlight by selecting the magnifying glass at the top right of your desktop screen.
  • Search for it and open Keychain.
  • Type in Office and then delete the data license file.
  • Download and run this script.
  • Check your user account to discard Local Profile corruption.

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