5 ways to relieve menstrual pain Doing this will definitely get good results.

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Women can hardly avoid menstrual cramps. This is because abdominal pain is considered a natural occurrence for women. But it cannot be denied that Menstrual cramps are very frustrating and affect your daily life. Today, we have gathered together 5 easy ways to relieve menstrual cramps to share with you ladies. I took it and followed along.

1. Sip a warm drink.
When you have a stomach ache, girls think of a warm drink. It’s the first thing. Because it is considered something that can be found in the kitchen. Sipping a warm drink During the period of menstrual pain It will help adjust the temperature inside the body to be warmer. and helps reduce stomach pain. In terms of warm drinks Recommended drinks are ginger juice, warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey, etc. However, you should avoid caffeinated drinks. Because it has a diuretic effect. It can cause more severe abdominal pain. http://ufabet999.com

2. Eat magnesium group foods.

Magnesium group foods It is considered a food that helps relieve menstrual cramps as well. This is because magnesium is a nutrient that has properties that help relax muscles. Helps reduce pain and spasms in the lower abdomen. As for foods rich in magnesium, they include spinach, gourd, bananas, tuna, almonds, and dark chocolate, among others.

3. Hot compress.

Hot compress is another method that is easy to do and helps relieve menstrual pain as well. Girls can use a hot compress bag. You can also choose to use a water bottle filled with warm water. By putting it on the lower abdomen area. The heat on contact helps loosen tight muscles and ease abdominal pain.

4. Gently massage the lower abdomen area.

Light massage of the lower abdomen When you have menstrual pain It is a way to relax tense muscles by gently massaging the muscles in the lower abdomen area. By massaging in circles Every time I have menstrual pain. I recommend using the massage method. Because it is considered a method that does not require any equipment at all.

5. Wear loose clothing.

Wearing loose clothing It is considered a method that helps relieve menstrual pain as well. Because as long as the girls Wearing clothes that are too tight will make you uncomfortable It also increases the pain level of abdominal pain. Because a tight outfit will cause the lower abdominal area to become more tense than before.

For girls who often have menstrual cramps We recommend that you try using these 5 very basic methods to relieve menstrual cramps. In addition to being an easy way to do it. There is no need to invest in any equipment either. But in the case of severe menstrual cramps, it is recommended that girls go see a doctor immediately for examination and treatment. It will be safer for the body.