Cody Gakpo reveals the conditions for transferring

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Cody Gakpo reveals the conditions for transferring the team. After becoming a target for Manchester United.

PSV Eindhoven forward Cody Gakpo has reveal. His future in football. After link with Manchester United. Football Club of the English Premier League Football Over the past few days.

The Red Devils have under a situation of needing a new spearhead. After they were unable to use Anthony Martial due to injury. With Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Old Trafford still hanging in the balance.

Gakpo has become the latest striker to link with Manchester United. Recently the 23-year-old’s agency just slashe Monaco 3-2 (4-3 on aggregate) in the UEFA Champions League. The third qualifying round results in the team going to face Rangers in the final qualifying round. Determine the fate of the teams that will qualify for the group stage. Which will begin in September.

“We need to focus on the competition and get the tickets. Champions League,” Gakpo said in an interview after the game. “And it is possible that I will remain with the team if we succeed. I don’t think I have interview by any media. Said that I would leave the team. Therefore I will continue to stay with PSV.”

“I would be happy to have a coffee with the management. Or let them drink coffee and I can drink water to talk about our future. Then we’ll see what happens in the future.