Manchester United will raise the white flag, deal Frenkie de Jong

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Manchester United will raise the white flag, deal Frenkie de Jong, complete the process, win Rabiot.

Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League Football. Reportedly preparing to raise the white flag in an effort to grab Frenkie de Jong under Barcelona in the transfer market. This summer to deflect forward to second-place alternative Juventus.

Dutch midfielder Adrien Rabiot has been a top target for Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag throughout the period. last summer But until then. They still couldn’t come to a conclusion on the deal. With the crux of Barca’s outstanding wages with de Jong unsettle. Although earlier in the past few weeks Barca will have accepted the offer of the Red Devils already.

Recently, the Red Devils have link with French national team midfielder Rabiot of the Zebra army. With the French midfielder’s agency also becoming a subject to accept an initial offer worth around 15 million pounds from Manchester United.

That although Ten Hag’s team will not back down in a full De Jong deal, there is a high probability that they will scrap such plans in the near future. When the player Kicking Tangkang about the possibility of moving to play in the nest, Old Trafford, amid close monitoring from Chelsea, a pair of top-flight favorites as well.

The source, citing an unnamed source, said United did not want to offer any responsibility for Barcelona and De Jong’s outstanding wages. Which had become a key factor in doing well. It eventually collapsed.